Dave von Fintel

Filmmaker/Photographer specializing in Aerial Cinematography


  • Filmmaker specializing in Aerial Cinematography2014 - Present

    Kansas City, MO

    I'm taking my creative skills to new heights - piloting a UAV to produce dramatic aerial video/photo solutions as well as producing & editing conventional video for a variety of industries.

  • Freelance Creative Director2012 - 2014


  • Web Development Director2004 - 2012

    Rockhurst University

  • Creative Director1999 - 2004

    Rockhurst University

  • Art Director1998 - 1999

    Rockhurst University

  • Graphic Designer1997 - 1998

    GB Design


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Graphic Design1991 - 1996

    University of Missouri

  • Graphic Design, Photography & Video Production1995 - 1996

    University of Tasmania School of Art, Australia


  • “Dave has exceptional skills as a designer and web developer. As his supervisor for several years, I found him to be a joy to work with, and a great team player. He is a problem-solver who finds a solution to every challenge. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

    Rosita McCoy, Senior VP - KU Endowment Association

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave on many projects. He’s always able to bring a fresh perspective to every job. His positive personality and openness to trying new things, makes working with him a very fun & collaborative event.”

    Mark McDonald, Owner - Mark McDonald Photography

  • “I worked with Dave for several years while employed at gb Design. Dave and I collaborated on a variety of design projects and I always found him to be easy to work with and valued the ideas and professionalism he brought to the table. Since that time, my agency has had the pleasure to work with Dave and his team at Rockhurst as a vendor providing online development solutions and consulting to Rockhurst University. Dave continues to provide impressive direction and management skills to the projects we have conducted with him and his team.”

    Ryan Lorei, Owner - Voltage Creative

  • “In the seven years Dave and I worked together, I watched him consistently come up with effective, creative solutions for various print, web and video projects. He stays on top of design trends and web standards, and everything he touches looks refined and professional. He has exceptional talent and lots of ideas, which made him a valuable member of our team.”

    Jamie Swearingen, UX Copywriter - Garmin International

  • “I have hired Dave may times for his expert graphic design services, and have also brought him in as a consultant on several high profile web design and development projects. Dave's ability to listen to my client's needs, and his ability to translate their ideas into reality are second to none.”

    Matt Couch, Real Estate Analyst - Hopkins Appraisal Services


  • • CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education): Silver Award
- '09, Excellence in Multimedia: Single Web Page (Ready for Rockhurst) 
- Bronze - '02, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine 
- Silver - '01, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine
 - Gold - '00, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine Cover 
- Silver - '00, Rockhurst University Campus Banners 
• Web Marketing Association's Web Awards Judge - '08 
• JAA (Jesuit Advancement Administrators): '06 - Award of Merit: Multimedia, Admission Pages 
• Internet Advertising Competition '05 - Best Education Integrated Ad Campaign - Rockhurst Website 
• Center for Digital Education: '05 Best of the Web 2nd place, Rockhurst University 
• Web Marketing Association: '05 Best Education Internet Advertising Award, Rockhurst University 
• American Association of Webmasters: '04 Silver Award, Rockhurst University 
• Mead Papers: Certificate of Excellence in the Graphic Arts - Rockhurst University, 1999 Annual Report

Visit Instagram/davevonfintel for frequently updated shots. Some of my work features footage that may be purchased as stock video or photo.


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James looked to Tinder, and would see themself consistently obtaining reported

a€?I became at a dance club in Melbourne and I also wasn’t also showing elegant anyway. These guys… one among them grabbed myself and ended up being harassing me personally, and they found out we were homosexual, and additionally they were like, a€?we’re going to bash faggots’. It was very Romper Stomper.a€?

In order to every non-binary and gender non-conforming individual, Ariel notes, you’ll want to understand that you are not alone in the quest for adore

James was speaking about as soon as these were harassed by a group of guys earlier. That second has actually remained with these people, naturally, since. a€?I was entering that weird headspace of, like, a€?Thank God I found myselfn’t showing as more female’. I then had been like, a€?Fuck that’. I willn’t have anyone render me question that.”

James arrived openly loveagain as non-binary at the start of the season. They admit that, in the past, their reality in terms of their unique sex character used all of them back once again from opening to guys. a€?I had best ever before offered as male, stressing basically got spent with people that my personal inner dispute using my sex could well be a thing that would end that person from discovering me attractive or loving me personally.a€?

a€?It was actually type of the point that conducted me back from planning to see all of them again,a€? they note, a€?because I thought I found myselfn’t getting my honest self.a€?

Their unique knowledge isn’t a separated one, as reports continue steadily to come over the web about trans and non-conforming users are prohibited from their Tinder profile.

a€?I would instantly see closed regarding my personal levels because people would report [the profile],a€? James states, a€?or they matched up beside me and couldn’t remain which they were attracted to a person who’s non-conforming. It actually was this type of a fresh degree of getting rejected that I do not even envision I got believed from are gay.a€?

a€?Tinder has got the non-binary option, but I am not sure if it actually does nothing for which views your bank account,a€? James explains. a€?personally i think like it’s a lot more of an aesthetic thing. Like, you are however input as what you pass as.a€?

a€?It in addition doesn’t really changes which folks you can see because your desires continues to be simply for the digital. Absolutely a€?men and females’ but that’s problematic because it’s like a€?passable’ gents and ladies.a€?James admits they discovered themself for the darkest times of these despair from becoming advised to hate just who they certainly were from those that would reject all of them.

Tinder just lately enabled to get more gender different options in Australia, but you can still find inherent problems with the online dating application

a€?i am never, previously seen as a person who deserves prefer,a€? they incorporate. a€?It’s everything about becoming a receptacle because of their cock, or something to make use of once they’re sexy then again fade.a€?

James could be the basic to get their possession up to explore the of toxicity of being able to a€?pass’ or otherwise not. a€?You kind of feel passability is it huge measuring tape that folks set against both you and get, a€?Oh, yeah, you will be good, you are going to would’.a€?

a€?Once you obtain declined by some body for this, you variety of contemplate, a€?exactly what can I changes? So what can i actually do?’, and after that you hold your self back and envision, a€?Nothing, precisely what the hell! You are able to do without this headless body on Grindr’.a€?

To Ariel, a volunteer at Ygender, the theory that folks must a€?pass’ in society try a harmful idea. a€?But with that being said,a€? states Ariel, a€?that’s perhaps not reasonable. Society is still fairly digital, therefore like putting factors in cartons, and dating as a non-binary person tosses an overall spanner to the functions.a€?

a€?It is rather challenging having to emerge to each and every person you chat to,a€? they carry on, a€?and get that extra distance to identify your self for who you really are while consistently fretting about just what people imagine your.a€?

This is especially related when contemplating dating programs, and must establish profiles and current oneself using the internet. a€?Everyone who is on [an] online dating site desires look nice, after all, who willn’t? You are on the website to catch people’s attention and ideally have the ability to reel them in, fall in admiration and adopt canines with them.a€?

a€?If a trans or gender varied people does not check the way they need to,a€? they note, a€?it really can shake her esteem to make all of them withdraw from an already hard room.a€?

Claire, a student and facilitator at Minus18, shares close ideas to James and Ariel when considering in the beginning fulfilling some body. a€?I have found myself personally hesitant, especially in a breeding ground in which I am not sure when the individual is aware of the differences between sex and gender, sex and sex identity.a€?

a€?It was just a little nerve-wracking because you always feel like you must ready yourself to accomplish some unexpected or unwanted mental labor, and this doesn’t always indicate that the person you will be talking to will see.a€?

Claire acknowledges they feel just a little not sure if somebody they are seeing will accept all of them as a person who is actually gender diverse or use their own pronouns. a€?Especially when I provide extremely femininely and are not medically transitioning either.a€?

Very, just what must be completed, specially from the perspective of the cis and non-gender diverse people, to ensure non-binary people think less dangerous whenever venturing to the dating globe?

a€?Stick along with your gender-neutral words, esteem individuals pronouns and keep that telecommunications available,a€? says Claire. a€?Always try to keep yourself well-informed 1st. It’s not around someone that was sex varied to teach your on sex range. There can be most to us than that, I guarantee.a€?

Communication is essential as well, they put. a€?Especially for your own time house, some actual get in touch with might activate human anatomy dysphoria or render someone become uneasy. Thus inquire, a€?Hi, so is this ok?’ or a€?Is it wonderful?’ Should they say no, do not hold carrying it out!a€?

Ariel satisfied their unique mate on a dating app 2 years before. a€?It turns out that if you place yourself available to you, you might just see another non-binary individual independently quest trying to browse the web based dating business, belong fancy, embrace two puppies and start intending to spend the rest of your lifetime using them.a€?

For James, it’s also important to stress the point that sex non-conforming people manage are entitled to enjoy, specifically after Australia’s recent a€?yes’ vote for relationship equality. a€?i do believe it is rather very important to folks in the queer area to realise that appreciate has not claimed for all.a€?

a€?Conforming for the binary shouldn’t be the requirement for being able to find intimate relationships with other humans on-line.a€?

Its apparent that Australia enjoys a long way to visit before trans and gender non-conforming Australians not simply think accepted, but secure. If an individual thing is clear, however, it really is that people like James, Claire and Ariel is paving the way in which for a road of better tolerance through candid and inclusive discussion.