Dave von Fintel

Filmmaker/Photographer specializing in Aerial Cinematography


  • Filmmaker specializing in Aerial Cinematography2014 - Present

    Kansas City, MO

    I'm taking my creative skills to new heights - piloting a UAV to produce dramatic aerial video/photo solutions as well as producing & editing conventional video for a variety of industries.

  • Freelance Creative Director2012 - 2014


  • Web Development Director2004 - 2012

    Rockhurst University

  • Creative Director1999 - 2004

    Rockhurst University

  • Art Director1998 - 1999

    Rockhurst University

  • Graphic Designer1997 - 1998

    GB Design


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Graphic Design1991 - 1996

    University of Missouri

  • Graphic Design, Photography & Video Production1995 - 1996

    University of Tasmania School of Art, Australia


  • “Dave has exceptional skills as a designer and web developer. As his supervisor for several years, I found him to be a joy to work with, and a great team player. He is a problem-solver who finds a solution to every challenge. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

    Rosita McCoy, Senior VP - KU Endowment Association

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave on many projects. He’s always able to bring a fresh perspective to every job. His positive personality and openness to trying new things, makes working with him a very fun & collaborative event.”

    Mark McDonald, Owner - Mark McDonald Photography

  • “I worked with Dave for several years while employed at gb Design. Dave and I collaborated on a variety of design projects and I always found him to be easy to work with and valued the ideas and professionalism he brought to the table. Since that time, my agency has had the pleasure to work with Dave and his team at Rockhurst as a vendor providing online development solutions and consulting to Rockhurst University. Dave continues to provide impressive direction and management skills to the projects we have conducted with him and his team.”

    Ryan Lorei, Owner - Voltage Creative

  • “In the seven years Dave and I worked together, I watched him consistently come up with effective, creative solutions for various print, web and video projects. He stays on top of design trends and web standards, and everything he touches looks refined and professional. He has exceptional talent and lots of ideas, which made him a valuable member of our team.”

    Jamie Swearingen, UX Copywriter - Garmin International

  • “I have hired Dave may times for his expert graphic design services, and have also brought him in as a consultant on several high profile web design and development projects. Dave's ability to listen to my client's needs, and his ability to translate their ideas into reality are second to none.”

    Matt Couch, Real Estate Analyst - Hopkins Appraisal Services


  • • CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education): Silver Award
- '09, Excellence in Multimedia: Single Web Page (Ready for Rockhurst) 
- Bronze - '02, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine 
- Silver - '01, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine
 - Gold - '00, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine Cover 
- Silver - '00, Rockhurst University Campus Banners 
• Web Marketing Association's Web Awards Judge - '08 
• JAA (Jesuit Advancement Administrators): '06 - Award of Merit: Multimedia, Admission Pages 
• Internet Advertising Competition '05 - Best Education Integrated Ad Campaign - Rockhurst Website 
• Center for Digital Education: '05 Best of the Web 2nd place, Rockhurst University 
• Web Marketing Association: '05 Best Education Internet Advertising Award, Rockhurst University 
• American Association of Webmasters: '04 Silver Award, Rockhurst University 
• Mead Papers: Certificate of Excellence in the Graphic Arts - Rockhurst University, 1999 Annual Report

Visit Instagram/davevonfintel for frequently updated shots. Some of my work features footage that may be purchased as stock video or photo.


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Monitor tearing was an unwanted influence (see image above) that renders the on-screen image looks disjointed

A failure of AMD’s display technical for combat display tears.

AMD FreeSync try an innovation available on some games displays, video gaming notebook computers and TVs to aid fight display ripping, stuttering and input latency (the full time between once you go the most useful gaming mouse as soon as the cursor really moves) during hectic games and video.

Introduced in 2015, FreeSync try AMDa€™s option to Nvidia G-Sync and requires an AMD (such as third-party brand name) photos cards. There had been approximately 1,000 FreeSync-certified exhibits since January 2020. The feature will come in three tiers: FreeSync, FreeSync premiums and FreeSync premiums professional.

FreeSync vs. FreeSync Premium vs. FreeSync Superior Pro

There are three forms of FreeSync: FreeSync, FreeSync superior (announced in January 2020) and FreeSync premiums Pro (rebranded from FreeSync 2 HDR in January 2020).

How exactly does FreeSync Operate?

Monitor tearing are an unwelcome impact (discover picture above) which makes the on-screen picture see disjointed. Ita€™s the result of the gamea€™s framework speed (the rate at which the overall game showcases structures) neglecting to match the displaya€™s refresh rate (the volume where the show redraws the display screen). FreeSync exhibits posses a dynamic refresh price (often referred to as a variable refresh speed or VRR), letting it sync the minimal and optimum refresh costs making use of the framework price associated with systema€™s AMD Radeon design credit. That refresh rates number, known as the FreeSync number, may go up to the monitora€™s max refresh speed. However, if you search maximum frame rates which happen to be greater than their monitora€™s refresh price, you may still discover some ripping.

All forms of FreeSync are derived from VESAa€™s Adaptive-Sync method, so that it works over DisplayPort, (which works over USB Type-C) and HDMI harbors. For a display become FreeSync-certified, it has to move AMDa€™s tests procedure, which discusses the Adaptive-Sync help variety, brightness, shade assortment plus.

The number one gaming tracks typically have both a flavor of FreeSync or G-Sync. Some common incorporate and specialist screens additionally use one of these different Adaptive-Sync, plus certain notebook computers and TVs (on these below).

FreeSync vs. G-Sync

FreeSync is AMDa€™s take on Adaptive-Sync, much like Nvidiaa€™s G-Sync. Like everyone else wanted an AMD GPU to make use of FreeSync, you want an Nvidia GPU (it may be 3rd party branded) to use G-Sync.

One important variation is as well as DisplayPort, (which operates over USB-C), FreeSync works with HDMI. G-Sync merely works together DisplayPort, with the exception of LG’s G-Sync suitable TVs, which function over HDMI link with a supported PC. For a peek at which slot is much better for video gaming, see our DisplayPort vs. HDMI comparison.

Performance-wise, wea€™ve discovered negligible discrepencies between standard FreeSync and G-Sync. For an in depth research of overall performance differences, read all of our FreeSync vs. G-Sync article.

FreeSync is made on an unbarred standards, and screen manufacturers dona€™t have to pay AMD a licensing cost or for components segments to feature they. Contrastingly, to use G-Sync, watch producers need to pay for Nvidia’s proprietary processor, which replaces the scaler they would generally purchase. This means that, FreeSync monitors are usually cheaper than G-Sync types. However, Nvidia try combating right back with G-Sync suitable monitors, that it qualified to perform G-Sync despite inadequate the equipment as a general G-Sync show. Numerous G-Sync Compatible displays may FreeSync-certified, and wea€™ve learned that many FreeSync screens can also manage G-Sync being compatible and even though theya€™re perhaps not qualified to accomplish this. To understand how, browse all of our guidelines for how to run G-Sync on a FreeSync track.

FreeSync superior

While all types of FreeSync fight against display screen ripping, flickering and lower latency, FreeSync superior kicks activities a notch up by demanding a 120Hz refresh speed or greater whenever operating at FHD, aka 1080p (1920 x 1080), quality. Additionally includes reduced structure price settlement (LFC). With LFC, in the event the gamea€™s frame rate falls below the monitora€™s lowest supported refresh speed, frames automatically exhibit several times. What this means is youra€™ll stay-in their monitora€™s supported refresh speed assortment and, for that reason, manage easy game play.

Discover at this time a lot more https://hookupwebsites.org/nl/cougar-dating-nl/ than 300 FreeSync Premium screens, according to AMD.

FreeSync premiums Pro

FreeSync superior expert, referred to as FreeSync 2 HDR until January, targets those with HDR information (for HDR advice, see the article on how to choose the best HDR monitor).

A FreeSync advanced Pro display is supposed to vary from a non-FreeSync HDR watch by offering lower feedback latency insurance firms games build chart directly to the display, circumnavigating large in-between procedures. It also promises over 400 nits illumination with HDR.

And like FreeSync advanced, FreeSync superior expert immediately activates LFC if gamea€™s frame rates dips underneath the monitora€™s refresh speed.

Players should note that not all the video games help FreeSync superior expert. Herea€™s every online game that works with FreeSync superior Pro.

What You Need to Operate FreeSync

To make use of any form of FreeSync you’ll need a FreeSync-certified show and a PC with an AMD illustrations or photos credit or APU. Alternatively, possible combine a FreeSync show with an Xbox One X or Xbox One S (no PlayStations).

For PC gamers, the body need a DisplayPort, (which operates over USB-C) or HDMI hookup, and the appropriate Radeon Software artwork driver. Recognized design are common AMD GPUs, such as 3rd party branded types, from 2012 (Radeon High Definition 7000) as well as on and any AMD Ryzen-series APU.

To use a PC monitora€™s FreeSync, you must change it on in AMD Radeon setup pc software.

For FreeSync TVs, you need to start the Game function by entering the configurations menu.

FreeSync laptop computers

Some laptops run AMD layouts have actually FreeSync constructed into the show. Theya€™ll say so on their spec sheet.

Furthermore, any computer with a RX 500-series GPU aids outside FreeSync monitors.

FreeSync TVs

Samsung has actually dozens of TVs with FreeSync. However, you could potentially pair these displays with a games Computer, nevertheless they largely desired individuals with an Xbox One X or Xbox One S, which both in addition support FreeSync (sorry, PlayStation enthusiasts).

Your switch on a TVa€™s FreeSync work by initiating the Game means within its Settings menu.

Listed here is every FreeSync TV available today.