Dave von Fintel

Filmmaker/Photographer specializing in Aerial Cinematography


  • Filmmaker specializing in Aerial Cinematography2014 - Present

    Kansas City, MO

    I'm taking my creative skills to new heights - piloting a UAV to produce dramatic aerial video/photo solutions as well as producing & editing conventional video for a variety of industries.

  • Freelance Creative Director2012 - 2014


  • Web Development Director2004 - 2012

    Rockhurst University

  • Creative Director1999 - 2004

    Rockhurst University

  • Art Director1998 - 1999

    Rockhurst University

  • Graphic Designer1997 - 1998

    GB Design


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Graphic Design1991 - 1996

    University of Missouri

  • Graphic Design, Photography & Video Production1995 - 1996

    University of Tasmania School of Art, Australia


  • “Dave has exceptional skills as a designer and web developer. As his supervisor for several years, I found him to be a joy to work with, and a great team player. He is a problem-solver who finds a solution to every challenge. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

    Rosita McCoy, Senior VP - KU Endowment Association

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave on many projects. He’s always able to bring a fresh perspective to every job. His positive personality and openness to trying new things, makes working with him a very fun & collaborative event.”

    Mark McDonald, Owner - Mark McDonald Photography

  • “I worked with Dave for several years while employed at gb Design. Dave and I collaborated on a variety of design projects and I always found him to be easy to work with and valued the ideas and professionalism he brought to the table. Since that time, my agency has had the pleasure to work with Dave and his team at Rockhurst as a vendor providing online development solutions and consulting to Rockhurst University. Dave continues to provide impressive direction and management skills to the projects we have conducted with him and his team.”

    Ryan Lorei, Owner - Voltage Creative

  • “In the seven years Dave and I worked together, I watched him consistently come up with effective, creative solutions for various print, web and video projects. He stays on top of design trends and web standards, and everything he touches looks refined and professional. He has exceptional talent and lots of ideas, which made him a valuable member of our team.”

    Jamie Swearingen, UX Copywriter - Garmin International

  • “I have hired Dave may times for his expert graphic design services, and have also brought him in as a consultant on several high profile web design and development projects. Dave's ability to listen to my client's needs, and his ability to translate their ideas into reality are second to none.”

    Matt Couch, Real Estate Analyst - Hopkins Appraisal Services


  • • CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education): Silver Award
- '09, Excellence in Multimedia: Single Web Page (Ready for Rockhurst) 
- Bronze - '02, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine 
- Silver - '01, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine
 - Gold - '00, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine Cover 
- Silver - '00, Rockhurst University Campus Banners 
• Web Marketing Association's Web Awards Judge - '08 
• JAA (Jesuit Advancement Administrators): '06 - Award of Merit: Multimedia, Admission Pages 
• Internet Advertising Competition '05 - Best Education Integrated Ad Campaign - Rockhurst Website 
• Center for Digital Education: '05 Best of the Web 2nd place, Rockhurst University 
• Web Marketing Association: '05 Best Education Internet Advertising Award, Rockhurst University 
• American Association of Webmasters: '04 Silver Award, Rockhurst University 
• Mead Papers: Certificate of Excellence in the Graphic Arts - Rockhurst University, 1999 Annual Report

Visit Instagram/davevonfintel for frequently updated shots. Some of my work features footage that may be purchased as stock video or photo.


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In-text citations for methods including two authors will include their own surnames. In cases like this, the definition a€?anda€? should split up two brands. Then, more essential data are the real book day for a resource. Additionally, people must use rooms to separate every piece of information found in this in-text citation. Thus, related samples of in-text citations for two main authors are generally:

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  • Parenthetical in-text citation a€“ (Viray and Nash 2014).
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In-text citations must through the surnames of three authors. In this situation, you need to use a comma after the 1st and secondly surnames. Besides, pupils should operate the word a€?anda€? to separate your lives the final two surnames. However, place http://essay-writing.org/research-paper-writing/ should split the third surname and book date. Ergo, relevant variations for mentioning three writers is:

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8. incorporating articles, sentences, and pipes in ASA style

A. Mentioning Articles

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