Dave von Fintel

Filmmaker/Photographer specializing in Aerial Cinematography


  • Filmmaker specializing in Aerial Cinematography2014 - Present

    Kansas City, MO

    I'm taking my creative skills to new heights - piloting a UAV to produce dramatic aerial video/photo solutions as well as producing & editing conventional video for a variety of industries.

  • Freelance Creative Director2012 - 2014


  • Web Development Director2004 - 2012

    Rockhurst University

  • Creative Director1999 - 2004

    Rockhurst University

  • Art Director1998 - 1999

    Rockhurst University

  • Graphic Designer1997 - 1998

    GB Design


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Graphic Design1991 - 1996

    University of Missouri

  • Graphic Design, Photography & Video Production1995 - 1996

    University of Tasmania School of Art, Australia


  • “Dave has exceptional skills as a designer and web developer. As his supervisor for several years, I found him to be a joy to work with, and a great team player. He is a problem-solver who finds a solution to every challenge. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

    Rosita McCoy, Senior VP - KU Endowment Association

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave on many projects. He’s always able to bring a fresh perspective to every job. His positive personality and openness to trying new things, makes working with him a very fun & collaborative event.”

    Mark McDonald, Owner - Mark McDonald Photography

  • “I worked with Dave for several years while employed at gb Design. Dave and I collaborated on a variety of design projects and I always found him to be easy to work with and valued the ideas and professionalism he brought to the table. Since that time, my agency has had the pleasure to work with Dave and his team at Rockhurst as a vendor providing online development solutions and consulting to Rockhurst University. Dave continues to provide impressive direction and management skills to the projects we have conducted with him and his team.”

    Ryan Lorei, Owner - Voltage Creative

  • “In the seven years Dave and I worked together, I watched him consistently come up with effective, creative solutions for various print, web and video projects. He stays on top of design trends and web standards, and everything he touches looks refined and professional. He has exceptional talent and lots of ideas, which made him a valuable member of our team.”

    Jamie Swearingen, UX Copywriter - Garmin International

  • “I have hired Dave may times for his expert graphic design services, and have also brought him in as a consultant on several high profile web design and development projects. Dave's ability to listen to my client's needs, and his ability to translate their ideas into reality are second to none.”

    Matt Couch, Real Estate Analyst - Hopkins Appraisal Services


  • • CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education): Silver Award
- '09, Excellence in Multimedia: Single Web Page (Ready for Rockhurst) 
- Bronze - '02, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine 
- Silver - '01, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine
 - Gold - '00, Rockhurst University Alumni Magazine Cover 
- Silver - '00, Rockhurst University Campus Banners 
• Web Marketing Association's Web Awards Judge - '08 
• JAA (Jesuit Advancement Administrators): '06 - Award of Merit: Multimedia, Admission Pages 
• Internet Advertising Competition '05 - Best Education Integrated Ad Campaign - Rockhurst Website 
• Center for Digital Education: '05 Best of the Web 2nd place, Rockhurst University 
• Web Marketing Association: '05 Best Education Internet Advertising Award, Rockhurst University 
• American Association of Webmasters: '04 Silver Award, Rockhurst University 
• Mead Papers: Certificate of Excellence in the Graphic Arts - Rockhurst University, 1999 Annual Report

Visit Instagram/davevonfintel for frequently updated shots. Some of my work features footage that may be purchased as stock video or photo.


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Why Trusting In Astrology Isn’t As Harmless When You Think

Individuals who diligently stick to her horoscopes may report that it really is all-just great fun. But on closer exam, this state falls dull. Listed here is precisely why astrology try possibly damaging to our understanding of research, relationships — as well as the place in the world it self.

Astrology, though discredited for hundreds of years, however remains extremely well-known. Hardly do a day go by when we’re not informed of how the astrology sign is supposed to govern our very own conduct or predetermine the day’s activities. But no reason features actually been considering — nor is certainly one impending — that can properly give an explanation for mechanism which is why the positioning from the planets can influence our psychologies or even the unfolding associated with the universe.

They failed to help the astrological cause back 2011 when a totally brand new version of the zodiac was suggested , hence moving everybody’s indication from the mythical earliest situation. Certainly, your whole premise behind astrology is centered on some somewhat thin variables; everything we name “months” are now social — and not cosmological — constructs. Additionally, our expanding world, and all that’s within it, is actually a consistent state of flux .

Exactly why performed your zodiac indication changes? We questioned the astronomer whom started it-all

The web is burning away because of the development that zodiac happens to be rearranged. Absolutely a 13th signal,…

Sorry, astrologers — this is exactly what it surely indicates whenever a planet is actually retrograde

You Generally discover a globe getting “in retrograde” from astrologers, which can provide the…

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Anyways, I am not planning waste time by debunking astrology immediately. For that we recommend Phil Plait’s detailed take-down, which you’ll look over here . For all the purposes of this information, I’m going to explain exactly why astrology do your no-good — and just why placing any credence to your signal or horoscope isn’t just mistaken, but potentially damaging.

A recently available poll by National technology Foundation showed that over 40per cent of Americans think astrology try a research — a rather shocking outcome (no, it wasn’t because respondents were conflating astrology with astronomy ). Quite as annoying could be the development that it is at their greatest stage since 1983. The NSF utilizes this survey as a kind of metric for “people’s ability to separate research from pseudoscience.”

A lot more than 1/3rd of People in the us think astrology are a technology

New Research by the Nationwide Science Base implies that above 40percent of Americans think that…

40% of People in america say astrology try technology. Or did they mean astronomy?

In a study of the National Technology Basis, 40% of Us Citizens mentioned that they thought astrology…

Demographically talking, plus what of Chris Mooney , most of the fault belongs to “younger People in america, elderly 18 to 24, where a real majority thinks astrology about ‘sort of’ scientific, and people elderly 35 to 44.”

Additional surveys demonstrated that ladies are more drawn to astrology than men. A 2005 Gallup poll unveiled that 28percent of females have confidence in astrology, when compared with 23% of men. In Canada it’s worse yet, where 33% of women purchase involved with it.

But as York college sociologist Julia Hemphill informs io9, absolutely more to this statistic than satisfy the attention: ladies are specifically directed by common news.

“Astrology is actually an unempirical epistemology which is peddled to lady as an easy way of comprehending on their own as well as the industry,” she says. “What you need to would are open up a ‘women’s journal’, and you will inevitably discover one or two content dedicated to astrology.

Heterosexual dating dating review

The exact same structure, she states, is clear in tvs development for females.

“While programs about ‘mediums’, alongside supernatural phenomenon can be found on almost any system whose mandate is draw in and keep your viewership of women, these types of programs are a rareness, if utterly nonexistent about schedules of ‘men’s’ networking sites,” she states. “These companies may air demonstrates that commonly focus on genuine research.”

Hemphill says it really is reasonable to matter the amount that women are fundamentally discouraged from learning about and doing genuine science — specially when they truly are aggressively offered pseudoscience in its stead.

Astrology also provides advancement to uncritical wondering. Astronomer Phil Plait puts it most useful as he states that

The greater we show people to simply accept anecdotal reports, hearsay, cherry-picked facts (selecting exactly what supporting your boasts but disregarding so what doesn’t), and, frankly, out-and-out lies, the tougher it gets for those to think clearly. If you fail to thought obviously, you simply can’t be an individual becoming. I can not stress this adequate. Uncritical reasoning try tearing the world to components, although astrology may possibly not be in the centre of this, it’s the character.

More conceptually, notion in astrology indicates a notion in cosmological predestination; it’s a form of determinism — but a totally fictitious one at that. Within the original Cosmos, Carl Sagan argued that astrology will continue to survive and flourish because

it appears to lend a cosmic significance into the program in our everyday physical lives. It pretends to fulfill the longing feeling personally regarding the market. Astrology indicates a risky fatalism. If our lives are subject to a collection of traffic indicators inside sky, precisely why just be sure to change things?

Indeed, astrology works hand-in-hand with sentiments suggesting that occasions in our lives were a “matter of destiny” hence specific factors are simply “meant getting.” On the other hand, they obfuscates the part of nature/nurture from inside the advancement of the psychologies, while overlooking the unrestricted characteristics for the future (unless one subscribes to a rigid form of cosmological determinism — a fairly heady philosophical issue about no-cost might that is truly not on the brains of astrologers).